Saturday, December 15, 2018 - Add A Movie Film Festival

Gallery MC, 545 West 52nd St. NY, NY

"UNDOCUMENTED" awarded the top prize of BEST PICTURE. 

Reviews from viewers:

"***** I loved the film"

"Very emotional and took you on a complete journey."

"The heart of this man's story was so intricately brought forth in an honest and universal way.  What an exceptional human.  The way it was filmed and told so holistically allowed a real impact to be made."




***** (Top  rated)  "LOVED!!  His tory is my story.  He is an inspiration.".

"Told the story in a compelling compassionate way."

"The film was organized and compelling.  Loved the flow of the storyline."

​"A film so much needed.""

Book signing at the reception afterwards.  Dr. Fernandez sold out.  All proceeds from the sale of the books go to Dreamer organizations.

Photo by Andrea M. Gordon



​***** (TOP RATING) "Important subject, very well-edited."

"We were so moved by this awesome film.  It was so touching to see this film that puts such a human face to the struggle of immigrants.  The three of you were masterful in the creation of this important film.  Needs to be seen everywhere.  Should be part of Jr/Sr. & college courses."

Jeanne Rimsky Theater, Port Washington, NY October 13, 2019

The afternoon of the screening Channel 12 Long Island News came to interview Dr. Fernandez and me.  It was aired several times that day.

Photo by Stephen Fricker

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Add a Movie Film Festival, New York, NY

Dr. Fernandez, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Brandon Fernandez


Packed house before the screening.  Standing ovation after.

Photo by Stephen Fricker

A fundraiser to help a clinic for indigents who cannot afford health care or insurance.

July 27, 2019, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA - Patricia and Jasmina Bojic, Director of the United Nations Association Film Festival and producer of the Camera as Witness series at Stanford University.  "Undocumented" screened at the series "Human Dignity - Faces of Immigration"

Dr. Fernandez's life story highlighted in Newsday, NY metro area

​August 5, 2018

California 2019 screenings.

Sunday July 15, 2018 - Cinema Arts Centre, Huntington, NY - ​SOLD OUT

Sunday, September 23, 2018  - North Shore Towers Cinema, Queens, NY

Q & A after the screening with (L-R) Greg Blank, Dr. Harold Fernandez and Patricia Shih.

All photos: Stephen Fricker


July 30, 2019 - The Roxie Theater, San Francisco, CA.  Fundraiser for the Dreamers Fund for a scholarship to the University of San Francisco's Masters Program in Migrant Studies. Patricia with USF professor Dr. Bill Ong Hing.


Bay Shore, NY

Nov. 8, 2019

"Possibly the most important film at the present time."

"Excellent - it brought tears to my eyes."

"The film did a fantastic job of humanizing the issue."

"Excellent story, beautifully presented."

"It really touched my soul.  Amazing story."

"Dr. Fernandez's story is emblematic of so many immigrant families seeking an opportunity to live safely, and striving to reach their full potential.  The film conveys the love and determination that propelled them to follow their dream.  This film needs to be seen far and wide.  It has the power to touch hearts and change minds to be more open to different people.  THANK YOU."

"Simply put, I was moved to tears.  What a remarkable story in the achievement of the American Dream."

"I love that the movie just told the story without pushing a political point of view.  You will open many minds."

"Right to my heart.  This film told an immigrant's story in the best possible way.  Hardly a dry eye in the packed audience.  So moving and intelligently done."

"A story about a heart surgeon that is all heart."

“What a triumph!”

“The film is humble, apolitical, well-told and attention-getting.  Dr. Fernandez’s biography is a testament to the human spirit and an argument for compassionate solutions to the immigration crisis.”

“Informative, compassionate, authentic… speaks of integrity, perseverance and values.  Bravo to you all.”

"Absolutely sensational film!  Everyone should see this!”

​​Sunday, October 28, 2018 - The Ethical Humanist Society, Garden City, NY

​Reviews from viewers:

***** (top rating) "It is a true human story.  I loved the film."

​***** "Important to put a face on this issue."

***** "Where should I start???  Excellent content, compelling story, well-told, well-documented.  Heart-warming, inspiring."

***** "Especially important now."

***** "SO INSPIRING!!!!  Thank you."