Greg’s passion has been storytelling since he got his first video camera at age 14.  He received a degree in Communications from Florida Atlantic University, and attended New York Film Academy in New York City.

Greg has over 15 years experience as a film producer.  He has produced, directed, shot and edited short films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, and more, both freelance and through his production company Blank Slate Productions which he founded in 2012.

In addition to working freelance and producing through Blank Slate Productions, for the past 2 plus years he has produced hundreds of segments for the show “Push Pause Long Island” on Verizon Fios1.  He covers anything happening on Long Island, including the arts, music, film, non-profits, schools, museums, universities, medicine, veterans affairs, people with special needs, and more.

He is constantly striving to use film as a medium to entertain, bring awareness and understanding to important events and issues, and promote social justice.

​​​The issue of immigration is a personal one for Patricia.  Her father immigrated from China in 1945, two years after the repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act, a racist law targeting solely one national group.  Even after the repeal, the country limited the migration to 105 Chinese from around the world.  Her father's visa was #25.

Patricia has been a creative artist in multiple media her entire life, starting at the age of 4 when she won her first award in art.  At age 12 she wrote her first song; at 15 she signed a recording contract in Washington DC, and at 16 released her first recording.  Like Dr. Fernandez, she graduated #1 in her high school class of 535 seniors.  Since then she has made her full-time living in the visual and performing arts (music, glass art, portraiture and theatre), and most recently in video.  Her artistic strengths, creative sensibilities and storytelling experience shine in her music videos, documentaries, memorial videos and more.

Patricia earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Academy of Art and Lone Mountain Colleges in San Francisco.  She has taught fine art for decades on both coasts, co-hosted a twice-daily talent TV show in New York for a year, recorded 9 CDs and written two books about music.  Honors include a Woman of Distinction award, a Woman Making a Difference honor, a Social Justice Leadership award, and numerous prestigious honors for her recordings.

​GREG BLANK, Associate Producer


PATRICIA SHIH, Executive Producer

STEPHEN FRICKER, Researcher and Production Assistant

Stephen Fricker is an historian by training.  He has a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in education from Dowling College.  His career path toward a history professorship got sidelined when his other career as a professional musician, against all odds, grew increasingly successful.  Nevertheless, his lifelong love of history has never abated.  He has contributed personal stories to one book, Truly Rotten Gigs from Hell and researched information for another, Gigging: A Practical Guide for Musicians.  He is immensely proud and honored to be a part of this project.

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