This film truly could not have been made without the support, faith and caring of so many family, friends and even strangers.  There were over 190 backers for the initial production, funded through a Kickstarter campaign, and over 100 donors to an Indie Go Go campaign for post-production expenses.  Even though there isn't room to list everyone, my deepest gratitude goes out to ALL the kind, generous and loving contributors.




Shain Bard

Rich Barkey & Susan Gaber

Clyde & Lorraine Berger

Sharon Brookins

Liz Buchanan

​Sandy Chapin

Mary Danoff

Yvonne Daza

Herb Deutsch

Jeff & Eileen Eisenberg

Heather Forest

Kathleen Galotti

Terry & Mark Haas

Minfong Ho

Peter Horikoshi

Carol Kerman

Larry Moser

Sybil Moser

Jim Nevins

Dru Ramey & Marvin Stender

Dennis & Linda Ronberg

David Rosenblatt

Joyce Rouse

Glen & Mary Saunders
Nancy Schimmel
Gloria Schulz
Christina Shih

Toby & Carol Walker
Josh & Jeri Weitman
Ellen & Pat Wictor

TOP SUPPORTERS - Kickstarter

Miguel Alexis

Chet Augustine

Ann Barry

Janice Blanchard

Andrew Blank

Matthew Borowick

Mary Bly

Ada Bowra

Amanda Buncke

Douglas Chin

​​Jennifer Cona

Roseann Conklin

William Corbett

Amanda Doko

Jeff & Eileen Eisenberg

Lisa Ganjhu

Gloria & Dick Grafer

Carlos Mauricio Hernandez

Minfong Ho

Peter & Wendy Horikoshi

Lori Horowitz

Claudia Hyacinthe

Barbara Kendall

Pam & Dan Kosove​

Paula Kosove

Hector Londono

Jenn Lynch

Clara & Gianni Mercuri

Diana Peers

Jennifer Piscitelli

Steve Probst

​Dru Ramey & Marvin Stender

Diana Rojas & Natalie Fernandez

​Joyce Rouse

Glen & Mary Saunders

Gloria Schulz 

Jennifer Shaer

Christina Shih
Hal Skopicki

Rich & Nancy Stein

Lenore Toscano

Oscar Vanegas

Luis Villegas