​​​​"On a sunny afternoon in March 1985, I returned home from my high school after an exhausting track and field practice. I shuffled into my room, dropped my books on my desk, and hastily greeted my mother.

'Mom, have you picked up the mail today?' I asked.

"She hadn't.  She was avoiding the mail because she was even more nervous than I was.  She preferred to hear the news from me.  She had noticed that I had been very tense over the last few weeks as I waited to hear from the university that I had always dreamed about.  She thought that I would have been devastated if I received a negative response.  During the few weeks prior to this, I had waited anxiously to hear from each school, and one by one the letters had come in.  I was turned down by the California Institute of Technology, but the letters from Rutgers, R.P.I., Cornell, Brown, and Yale all offered me a place.  Still, the letter I was waiting for the most had not yet arrived.  I had been thinking about this all day.  I had a feeling that today I would find out."

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Dr. Fernandez at a book signing at Book Revue, Huntington, NY