Born and raised in what was the drug and murder capital of the world, Medellin, Colombia, Harold’s parents fled the violence with the same dream that all immigrants hold: to make a better life in a new land.  Harold faced years of separation from his parents as a young boy, grave danger on the open seas, and hardship, fear, bullying and bigotry in America.  As he and his family lived "in the shadows" as undocumented immigrants, Harold was determined to achieve The American Dream.  Through hard work, perseverance and the support of compassionate people, Harold Fernandez and his family became legal citizens of the US, with Harold graduating from Princeton University and Harvard Medical School.  He is now one of the top cardiac surgeons in New York.  He saves countless lives, literally holding the hearts and the lives of his patients and their families in his hands.  His story is not a typical one, yet it holds out hope for the millions of immigrants who have come -- and have yet to come -- to the land of their dreams.

Welcome to “Undocumented,” the film based on the true story of Dr. Harold Fernandez, one of the top cardiac surgeons in the New York metropolitan area.  His story is frightening, heart-breaking, inspirational and ultimately triumphant.  72 minutes running time.

Dr. Harold Fernandez

Executive Producer Patricia Shih

Narrated by Jay O. Sanders